The most professional water heater installation


Is it just me or does anyone else out there ever feel unsafe when a service member such as a cable TV provider or plumber comes to your house? I know this is going to make me sound like a crazy person but whenever I have to have a technician enter my home I worry about what kind of person they are. Maybe I am just paranoid but I think part of it is being smart after living in New York City for 15 years. I’ve never had anything stolen personally but I’ve heard stories online and from friends about shady people and the things they have done. The reason I bring it up is because recently I had to call a company for water heater installation. My water heater broke in the middle of winter and I needed one replaced ASAP. It was right during the very cold stretch where the temperatures were below freezing for about a week so I couldn’t wait very long for a new one. Based on my criteria of speed and safety being the number one priority I called A Good Plumber Inc. and had them come out to help install the new unit. The reason I called this company is because after reading through their website I discover that everyone of their employees is given a thorough background check. Additionally, every employee must pass a preemployment drug screen in order to be considered for the plumbing job so I felt fairly safe knowing that everyone was checked out. Once I had the company narrow down I just had to see if they had any dates available. This is another reason why I chose A Good Plumber Inc. because they had several convenient appointment times available and a reputation for showing up on time. They value customer service highly in that company so I knew that whoever came out to service the pipes in my house would be friendly and courteous.

On the date my water heater was to be installed the plumber showed up exactly on time. His name was Larry and he had a big smile and gave me a good handshake. He introduced himself and asked politely to be let in and see where the water heater was to be installed. I let him to the basement and we had pleasant conversation while he got the pipes ready for the new unit. He was actually quite a nice guy and I enjoyed his company while he worked. He said he really liked working for this company because they had a reputation for having great plumbers which he was proud of. He definitely took his job seriously but was pleasant to be around at all times. While he was there he checked the faucet in the kitchen because I had been dealing with elite for some time. For this he didn’t even charge me as it was just a simple turn of his wrench and a realignment of a few hoses. I thought this was a great gesture and it endeared me to this company greatly. The next time I need any plumbing repair I will absolutely be calling A Good Plumber Inc. because of this wonderful experience.

Buying custom blinds for the colors

We have shutters throughout our whole house, and often that is really great and very helpful.  I like that I can just slightly move a little rod and the whole window opens up, and I also love that I can leave the actual windows open, and have the shutters closed but still get a breeze in through the slats. That doesn’t work the same way with blinds or other curtains and window coverings, and so I really do like that and I often enjoy the breeze with the shutters closed.  But for one of our rooms, we are doing a little remodel, and I’m really excited about changing things up and making it all look a lot better in there. We haven’t done any decorating through the house in a long time, and its all starting to feel and look a bit dated to me. So, I’m starting with the guest bedroom. We are creating it from blank walls, because our daughter just moved out and bought her own place. We aren’t keeping it around for her, so we are creating a guest bedroom. The first order of business for me is to remove the shutters. I’m going to paint the walls and get some custom blinds in the window that matches the wall enough that it compliments, but isn’t too much of a match. So the custom blinds are going to be the first big thing that I’ll do, and I think that will really help to start the room off right. From there, I’m going to deal with the floor. I’ve been wanting to take out the carpet in that room for several years now, and I’m going to just stain the concrete floors that are under the carpet, and that will be in an easy to clean an hard to notice is dirty type of neutral color. Then we will move on to the furniture, with the new bedding and the other things, like a sitting chair. We will have to purchase those, but I’ll get something that matches the custom blinds that I’m ordering. And the bedding will be in the same color scheme as well. Then all I will need to do is add some art work to the walls, and we will be ready for our first guest in that room.  If the custom blinds work well, I think I may replace more of the shutters with those instead, because I’m just ready for a change from what we have had in here for so long. It is going to look different and probably much better, but in the end it may not be as functional. That is why we need to test it out in one room first, to see if that will work for our life style. I do like the way the shutters work, but I also don’t want to keep the same look as we have always had, so we are going to need to change it up a bit. The custom blinds are just the thing to do that.

custom blinds

Why are wood roofs a thing of the past

Today, many housing experts are stressing the importance of using renewable materials for building or repairing a home.  One of the largest parts of building a home, or doing a home renovation, is the roof.  Roofing contractors are becoming more and more educated about sustainable roofing options, and these options are growing in demand.  Renewable and sustainable roofing materials for your home have a range of benefits.  These benefits range from the ability for your roof to help regulate the houses temperature, necessitating the needs for frequent air conditioning and heat, to the ability to use recyclable materials and be more eco-conscious. Also, as more and more contractors turn to sustainable materials, these are getting easier to find, and are slowly replacing more traditional housing materials. Because of this, wooden housing is a becoming a thing of the past.

Roofers who are concerned about the environment, typically no longer choose to use wooden materials for roofs. One of the main reasons for this is because sourcing wood for a roof is not sustainable or environmentally friendly. Wooden roofs are made from old growth wood.  In order to get wood to make all of these homes, this wood needs to be grown and cut down.  Growing and harvesting wood is, in many cases, a very unsustainable practice. Forestry is very hard on the environment, and leads to the destruction of many trees.

Wooden roofs also have many downfalls when compared to newer, more modern roofing materials.  In the past, wood was one of the few roofing options available, now with metal, slate, asphalt, and a wide range of other modern roofing materials, the downfalls of a wooden roof are becoming more and more obvious.  First of all, wooden roofs are not safe in a fire.  If you live in an area where there is a high fire risk, wooden roofs are one of worst choices you can make if you want to keep your home safe from fire damage.  Wooden roofs can also grow moss and become waterlogged.  A waterlogged roof is not something that you want to experience in your home.  Once a roof gets moisture in it, it can cause leaks, which can be difficult to fix.  Moisture in your roof can also cause mold to grow.  Mold in your home can cause a wide array of health problems for your family.

Many people choose wooden roofs because of the rustic, cabin look that they create.  However, with today’s roofing technology, you can get roofs in a range of colors, styles, and materials that can mimic the rustic look of a wooden roof.

While wooden roofs are becoming a thing of the past, numerous types of new roofing materials are becoming available in a range of styles.  Many of these roofs are evidence of a trend towards more sustainable building materials.  Rubber, plastic, and metal roofing options can be made from recycled materials, and transformed into an attractive and practical housing option for your family. As trends in roofing continue to change and evolve, homeowners will continue to find a growing selection of roofing options which provide durability, style, and are environmentally friendly.

Is Excel being replaced by online database software?

For years, excel has been the program which company’s use to create spreadsheets and manage data.  Excel has some great features, and if you’re familiar with some of its more advanced tools, it can be a truly great tool for businesses. Despite the great success of excel over the years as a tool to manage data, excel can be thoroughly frustrating to use, and unless you really are an expert, it has a lot of shortcomings.

With so many new business applications and technologies being constantly developed and put on the market, it’s only a matter of time before excel is replaced by more powerful and robust online data management software.  Excel can be messy, difficult to navigate, and not very visually pleasing.  Show an excel sheet to a co-worker who doesn’t know very much about spreadsheets or data, and they will be confused by what they see.  Today, many people have found a pleasant change from excel by choosing to use online data management software for their business.

Online databases are cloud based system which allow companies to store important information and manage projects through a web-based tool.  These tools are created to efficiently manage, store, and analyze data.  Spreadsheet tools rival and exceed what excel has to offer, by providing excellent visualizations of data.  No longer will your information be lost in the thousandths row of a spreadsheet- using an online CRM, you will be able to effortlessly visualize and analyze your data.

A great benefit of online project management tools for people who work with data, is that now, your data will all be stored in one location.  So many times, important data are stored in huge spreadsheets or lost in data warehouses.  Online CRM software will allow you to store all of your data in one simple, accessible application.  Not only can you store it there, but you can visualize it as your never have before.  Options to view data range from spreadsheets, to charts and graphs.  With this kind of access and visibility, other people who are not experts on data, will be able to begin to truly understand the importance of data for the company’s future! If you work for a sales company and you are collecting data on the amount of sales done in April, you can input that information into your online database and voila! You will have a dynamic view of the data which can easily be shared with colleagues and supervisors.

For many people, moving away from an excel based spreadsheet and embracing a new style can be a daunting change.  This is why online data management systems are set up to work with excel! To help you get started moving away from your dependence on excel, there are simple tools to upload your data, which smartly recognize your attributes and input them into the system.  The initial phase of uploading all of your data will probably be the most time consuming piece of getting started with this new software. Once you get through this phase, your data will be permanently stored and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Find the Right Gutter Machine For Your Job

Your roof is the first line of protection for your house against the elements and wear and tear. A solid roof will be able to defend against being battered by rain and hail. Heavy snow accumulation on the roof of your house can compromise the integrity of its structure. Water damage is able to weaken the structure of your house. If the structure of the building is wooden, this could mean weakened wood in short period of time that could prompt an urgent need to replace or repair certain parts of the roof’s structure. This can be a real pain. If the building’s structure is made of steel, the compromise in structural integrity is going to be far more distant, but you will still have to address it at some point. The whole point in building with steel is that it lasts so long and is so strong. If water rusts and degrades the steel because a proper seamless roof was not installed with the correct machines, then you are wasting your investment in a steel building. All of this is to say that it is important to use the right materials and tools when you are installing a roof. For large buildings or for jobs that have greater demands, you are going to need to find a standing seam roof panel machine. These special machines enable you to get your roofing job done correctly to protect your home against the elements no matter how demanding this particular job might be. The trick of this is that there are about a bazillion choices of gutter machines. Picking the right gutter machine can be pretty daunting if you are not prepared. One of the tricks here is that you are going to consider what the minimum need is without skimping. What do I mean here? The more complex of a machine that you purchase, the more money that you are going to have to invest in its rental. You have to pay more to get more. So that means that you do not want to pay for a machine that performs functions that you do not need it to. You want to think about what exactly are the things that you want the machine to do. Once you have those things outlined, you want to find the machine that does all of those things but as few additions functions as possible. Now, this is tricky for a number of reasons. First, you do not want to skimp to save a few bucks.  For the reasons outlined above, your roof and installation of your roof is an important thing. You do not want it to be half-done. The second reason that it is tricky is because gutter machines come in all kinds of varieties, and it can be hard to know all of the specifics. In this case, go to the experts. They will be able to counsel you on which gutter machine is best for you and help you make an informed decision.

standing seam roof panel machine

Positive Test For Breast Cancer Gene Led Me To Double Mastectomy and Plastic Surgery

When I was a teenager, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She fought it bravely and has been in remission for years, but because she was quite young when she got it, doctors encouraged me to be tested for the gene that predisposes women to breast cancer. I resisted the recommendation for years, feeling like I was not going to be happy with the answer and the solution that might present itself. I was afraid of the potential to lose what made me a woman, and be faced with the choice of having a double mastectomy or risking it with breast cancer. My mother of course worried about me, and pestered me for years.

Finally, as I closed in on my late twenties and was engaged to the love of my life, I decided it was time. He had pressed me for a while as well, but laid off after we got in a huge fight about it. He was thrilled when I told him I had decided to get tested for the gene and he promised me that no matter what the result was that he loved me and he would support me no matter what, and that any decision I was going to make he would be there for me. He came with me the day I went in for the test, but was at work when I got the phone call with the results. It was positive. I had the gene, and now I had a decision to make. Theoretically I could wait years before considering the surgery, but my doctor indicated that the earlier the better, since I was younger and healthier and would recover more quickly.

My fiance and I agonized over the decision, but eventually, we knew I had to go through with the double mastectomy, along with the reconstructive plastic surgery afterwards. Having my breasts removed meant I would never be able to breast feed our future children, but it also meant I was significantly more likely to survive long enough to see them grow up, and the plastic surgery meant I would still feel like my feminine self and no one who I did not tell would ever know the difference. It was a very hard choice but in the end the answer was clear, so I went ahead and scheduled the procedure for several months before Chris and I were supposed to get married, to allow me sufficient time to recover and have my dress fitted to a slightly different size.

I unfortunately had to take several weeks off of work, which was difficult, but the mastectomy and plastic surgery could luckily be done at the same time, so I only had one major procedure to recover from, technically. That was several months ago now, and Chris and I are preparing for our wedding this weekend. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be able to get married knowing that my risk for contracting breast cancer is virtually gone, and I still look great in my dress!

plastic surgery

Uranium Production Learns From the Past

             Everyone is talking about energy costs nowadays. Energy is one of the hot button topics for a number of reasons. First of all, it is scarce, and it is becoming more and more scarce as production of different forms of energy continue to go on in an unsustainable fashion. This leads to the next issue that is regularly attached to energy issues, and that is the environment. Environmental issues are a huge issue with different energy extraction methods because some of these extraction methods are not sustainable and they are harmful for the planet. But there is a national cry for better energy production but also more of it. Everything that we do is somehow connected to a form of energy production or extraction.


Uranium mining is one of the methods that is used to fuel the nation. Uranium is converted into electricity from mines in Arizona and elsewhere. It is a beacon of hope for the future because uranium mining companies have learned some of the harrowing lessons of miners past. In the past and particularly on the East Coast and in Virginia, coal mining took a toll on both the planet and the workers. It was very hard and demanding work for the laborers with one of the higher death tolls for an industrial job at the time. Beyond that, mining companies, or “mountain toppers”, were using methods of extraction that were very hard on the planet and did not take into account the long term effects of their means of production. The production of coal left both the workers and the mountains depleted.


uranium mining companies

When something does not go right, people could opt to abandon the entire project. When it comes to energy costs, some people would certainly suggest this course of action. On a smaller scale, this is a wonderful prospect. There is no point in wasting energy, and low-impact behaviors, such as riding your bike to work, are a great way to reduce dependency on energy costs. But an extreme form, which abandons hope in the prospect of scientific and technological innovation and discovery, does no one any good. We are stuck in the society that we have created, and we need energy. So the lesson that we, as a nation, can learn from coal mining in Virginia is not to abandon fuel extraction but to make it considerably better. Uranium mining companies have a renewed sense of responsibility and ownership over their practices. They have to be more thoughtful about the manner in which they go about mining. Furthermore, they have to invest in research and development in order to find better ways of mining uranium. One of the great successes of uranium production and technology is that it is a pretty safe production. The dangers of mining in the past are now an anachronism. Mining is now a profession that looks out for its workers and seizes technological discovery to help workers. The nation needs fuel. There is no doubt. So the challenge before us is to extract it in better ways than we used to.

Dentists Save You Time and Effort

             Dentists are one of the more underappreciated doctors around, I think. We all go to them, or at least we should. The problem is not that they are unavailable or that people do not patronize them. The problem is that people associate them only with a particular kind of dentists. A cosmetic dentist is considered to be just about looks, but it is not true. This is a somewhat understandable mistake. The word ‘cosmetic’ is in the name. Most people think that this implies that they are somehow only concerned with something superficial and about looks. In fact, a beautiful smile cannot be achieved without first achieving a healthy smile. Because of this, dentistry gets lumped in. And because of that, some people forget that dentists are doctors. These doctors are concerned with your health and wellbeing just like every other kind of doctor.


A good Highlands dentist, however, can offer lots of advantages that are sometimes overlooked. For this reason is it very important to pick the right dentist. What constitutes the right dentist can be split into two categories. The categories consist of technical skills and pragmatic advantages.


First, make sure that you have a dentist who is, in fact, concerned with your dental health. Surely, dentistry is about dental health, but because some people have lost sight of this, there is economic demand for a dentist that will offer just aesthetic adjustments that do not get down to the health-good looks connection. In the market, if there is demand, there will be supply. So do not settle for treatments that just give superficial tweaks and adjustments to the look of your mouth. Instead, find a dentist that is committed to good dental health and ridding your mouth of plaque and bacteria. These are the specters that damage the look of your mouth. When you get rid of them, you will get rid of that yellow color and bad breath. That is the same plaque and bacteria that can also cause diseases of the mouth.


cosmetic dentist

On the other hand, you would never drive across the country for a dentists gives good dental health treatments, no matter how proficient he or she is. There are practical concerns that govern our decision-making. So think about the location of your dentist, too. Think about the amount of time that you are going to spend in transit. How close is it to the kids’ school? How far away is it from home? On the question of personability of the staff, is the staff good with kids? The experiences that a child has at the dentist can have a big impact on them at an early age. You would not want to go to a dentist that is going to leave a bad taste in their mouth (metaphorically; the literal bad taste is probably just fluoride). If you choose your dentist with the same level of consideration that you would for a pediatrician, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort while still providing your family the best dental care around.

Water damage can cause you to reengineer your home.

water damageI grew up on the plains and when I was younger we experienced a ton of rain. Don’t get me wrong there were many summers when we were in a drought, but compared to what they get in my hometown now, we were in a pretty rainy climate. I yearn for the rain storms we used to get. The rain drops were so fat that you were soaking wet right down to the bone after being outside even if you just stepped into the rain and then stepped back out. Your feet would be submerged in water because it was coming down so fast and so heavily. Sheet and sheets of rain, I am telling you it was amazing. The only down side to this was there was a lot of water damage that happened to people’s homes to do flooding. We lived in a hilly area and so some homes were at a disadvantage and my mother’s home was one of them. There was a hill in her backyard that acted as a perfect spout for water to slide down and straight into her dining room. One summer we had a flood that really damaged my mother’s home and unfortunately her insurance didn’t cover flooding. She was able to get help from water damage restoration company, but she didn’t want to experience flooding anymore.

She decided to reengineer her backyard and reengineer she did! She created channels for the water to go down so that the it would be diverted away from the house. She did this by digging into the ground and placing slabs on tile down where she dug. This was a very time consuming task but it ended up working, at least for the most part. They key was to create slopes away from the back porch so the water would run off to the side and not rise up enough to get into the backdoor. She created these slopes by digging into the ground enough to set these slabs into the ground at a slope and dug to create more and more of a gradual slope as it got further away from the back porch. She then directed the water channels all the way out of her backyard into her front yard that just naturally sloped down into the streets where the rushing water poured into the drain that came out of the lowest point in our road.

After she built this in her yard, her water damage was considerably less though she still had to call a restoration company a couple of times to rent their gigantic fans to help air out her house. The flooding was never as bad as it was the summer that motivated her to get her backyard into a safer set up. Of course she enlisted the help from all of her children so we got to spend a good bit of time using our brains in ways we don’t usually. It was really empowering for my mom to help herself in this way and for us to support her in doing so.

Buying Dogs for Sale from Dog Breeders and Pet Stores

Pet stores with dogs for sale claim that their puppies come from dog breeders licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. A lot of the puppies sold come from puppy mills so the government tries to regulate the way people breed dogs in order to ensure that the canines are healthy and protected. Notwithstanding the regulations that govern their practices, many stores still fail to inform pet shoppers about the risks and responsibilities they take on with their purchases.

Adoption and purchasing from local dog breeders is the best way to go when you want to get a puppy. However, if your only option is to make a purchase at a pet store, then make sure that you go to an animal facility that offers top-quality commercial puppies. Also ensure that the staff provides excellent care of their pets, including proper nutrition and grooming. To better know your prospective pet’s health status, you can ask the pet store’s staff for information on the dog’s breeder and run a quick check on the records for USDA approval and inspections.

dog breeders

a variety of dogs to choose from

Dogs for sale at pet stores are not necessarily at the top of their health so it’s best not to assume that your pup is okay. While pet stores say that their animals are regularly checked by veterinarians, you should also carefully examine for symptoms, both physical and behavioural manifestations. Among the conditions that these puppies may have are parasites, viruses, and respiratory infections. They can even have distemper, which can lead to lifelong complications and even the dog’s death. Also check that your pup does not have extensive congenital defects or infectious diseases before you purchase them.

Although many illnesses have symptoms that can be seen, there are problems that have no significant manifestations. If you have a purchased a pet, don’t wait for them to show signs of distress before you have them checked by your own veterinarian. Certain states have laws that cover pet owners’ expenses for veterinary services provided for any injury or illness existing at the time of purchase. Still, be careful when you purchase dogs for sale because, typically, the liability of pet stores is capped at the purchase price.

Recently, pet stores have worked harder to attract more customers and to give consumers more reasons to visit them. In addition to a variety of animals and dogs for sale, they stock up on assortments of pet foods and supplies. Owners of pets can choose from different toys and treats that can keep their puppies entertained. Grooming and training classes are being held as well as events that allow one to showcase their pets. These are interesting activities that pet owners can engage in but most of these services come at an additional price. For example, you can let your dogs watch TV specials within the store but owners have to shell out an extra couple of bucks.

Just Pets Co is a pet store and a leading dog grooming services provider in Denver, Colorado. It provides high quality pet supplies and goes beyond the offerings and expectations of traditional pet stores. The shop is known for their friendly and trained staff, which is a fast-becoming a popular choice for dog breeders and even first-time pet owners.

Benefits of Window Blinds, Shades and Shutters

Homeowners always make sure to have their home to look good all the time. That’s the reason why from time to time, do-it-yourself interior designing is done. If you want to create a more relaxing and soothing atmosphere on your abode, putting up some blinds, shades or shutter can be a good option to consider. They offer a lot of benefits on your home, here are some of it.



Gives your home more privacy

Aside that blinds, shades and shutters minimize the sunlight to come in, once you pull them down, they give your home that sense of privacy from the outside. With this privacy, you’ll be more relax and you’ll be at ease to do things that you wish to do with worrying if someone is peeking or not.


From inside, you can see what is happening outside your home through your window. This goes as well from the outside. Aside from the privacy you will get, putting up blinds or shades will give you this security that no one can just easily look or monitor what is happening inside your home.

Gives sophisticated look into your home

Since blinds or shades minimize the entrance of sunlight, it creates a dim and cozy effect on the room. This gives an elegance and sophisticated look into your place. The visual effect it gives because the light that comes in is limited making your home relaxing and presentable. And since they come in different style and colors, you can definitely plan which will look best for your home and play around to see what matches best that will suit your kind of design.

Made from different materials

Blinds, shades and shutters are made from different materials. They can be made of wood, vinyl or metal. Depends on what you want to achieve as for your designs, this gives you a lot of options to choose from. This will also give you an edge when it comes to your budget. You can easily put up a good budget for a specific design for blinds, shades or shutters made by specific materials. Just keep in mind that each material would give different value for your home.

Protection from sunlight

Their core purpose is to really protect home from sunlight. Blinds, shades and shutters are design to minimize if not 100 percent shut down the entrance of sunlight from your home. It designs also depending on how you want its functionality to be on minimizing the amount of sunlight. But definitely these three will protect you from the UV rays of the sun.

Saves Energy

Comes with sunlight is heat. When too much sunlight is coming in your home, it increases the heat you will feel and may result for you to turn on your air conditioner to give you a cooler feeling. By minimizing the amount of sunlight that comes in your home, it also controls the temperature building up inside keeping that relaxing and cool feeling causing you to forget to turn your air conditioner resulting to lower bills.

These are just some valuable benefits that these household items can give to your home. It doesn’t just make your home to look fancy and good but it protects you especially from UV rays of the sun and any possible harm outside your home.

Custom shades for new homes

It can be very difficult to find the right size shades for a home, especially when that home has been custom built. There are many more sizes for windows than there are for shades, mainly because windows can easily be custom built, and shades are often mass produced for the consumer market. But you can get custom shades made for those custom windows that are going into the new homes, and that is really the best way to proceed when you are building a new custom home. It is the shades that will actually finish the room once the house is built and has been moved into. The shades are a really important final piece, the final touch that is necessary before a room is really completed or feels whole. Windows that are empty are not the best, and they do not add a feeling of comfort or security to a room, especially if the room is bigger in space and the windows are larger or an odd size. The custom shades that are designed to perfectly fit into those larger and odd shaped windows are the part of the room that makes it feel secure, like the room is not wide open for all to see. The shades are really important for helping to designate the inside of the room and the outside of the house, so that there is a definition between the living room and the rest of the world outside the house. But many people only look at the shades that are available on the store shelves, and when they have a custom built home with custom windows, they don’t think that they will be able to get shades that are going to cover those windows. So often those nice new custom homes don’t have the necessary shades that can keep the windows covered and bring in that feeling of protection. But it is not difficult to get custom shades made to the specifications of the house and the odd shaped or larger windows. Finding out about the custom shade option is going to increase the look and feel of the room and the home as a whole, because it is that finishing touch that you really cannot forget or ignore. If you can’t find the right size shades at the store on the shelves, or at the specialty window stores, then you are not out of luck. Any of the smaller, speciality window shops are going to be able to custom order those shades for you. And you really are going to want to custom order those shades, because you need them for your new house to really feel like a home, weather its custom built for you or not. The shades matter, and they should not be overlooked or ignored because they are not a standard size that you can just go out and buy. And if you do order custom shades, that means you get to pick the fabric, the color, and the look of the shades, making them even better than standard.

custom shades

I hired a corporate DJ for my boss’s retirement party

About a year and a half ago, my current boss, the Vice President of our company, hand picked me to become his new chief of staff. I had been working as an analyst in one of the offices below the Vice President, and while I felt that I generally did a good job, I was not expecting to be selected to replace his outgoing chief of staff. It came as a surprise to me when I found out that my boss had actually recommended me for the job, and while I was surprised I was also grateful that she had seen potential in me and was willing to recommend me for something that I might not have even considered going after on my own.

I readily accepted the offer and was eager to start in my new role. I knew it was a steep learning curve and there was a lot I was going to have to get used to about this job, but if I could do it and well, it would open all sorts of new doors for me. He was a well known, high profile figure that I wanted to impress and do a good job for. I loved my social life and activities, but this would be a demanding job that would require a lot of additional work above and beyond my regular hours, and I knew when I took the job I would have to commit to that. If I could do it for a couple of years I would be able to get just about any job I wanted after that.

Then about nine months into the new position, my boss announced he was going to be leaving his job and moving on to something else. He informed me that I was doing a wonderful job and I would be needed for the next VP coming on, and that in fact, my role was more important than ever and would help the new person transition that much smoother. I was shocked, but in the meantime, I needed to start planning his going away party. I would need corporate event entertainment, a caterer, and a venue to start with, and I did not have much time to pull it all together either, just a few weeks. First I went to a friend who had just auditioned wedding music bands and asked for suggestions about whether she had seen any she liked that I could hire on short notice. She sent me a couple of recommendations, and within a week, I had nailed down a corporate DJ.

Next I needed a caterer and bartender on short notice, so I went to what I knew was his favorite restaurant and begged them to cater for two hundred people with only two weeks’ notice. He was one of their favorite customers so they ultimately agreed, but I was really pushing it with the last minute planning. I did end up throwing a great party, but not without cashing in a lot of favors along the way and with a lot of help, in just a few short weeks!

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The down payment I needed to save for my son to buy a new home depended on the type of home loan he wanted

When my son proposed to his girlfriend recently, I got really excited about the wedding. She and I and her mother worked together as we sorted out dates and places and prices. My husband and I had been saving up for a while, on top of our own retirement, to be able to give our son the down payment for a house, and now that he was getting married, it seemed like the right time to gift it to him. With him and his siblings out of college, our only big expenses left were our own retirement funds. We finally had some disposable income and were saving up to give our children down payments if possible.

We were not sure how to make it a surprise, though. I had no idea what neighborhood they wanted to live in, so I would have to assume a certain price range. I knew how much money they both made, more or less, and determined using a mortgage calculator what I thought they might be able to afford. Her parents were mostly paying for the wedding, so I wanted to be sure we gave them a big enough down payment to make up for not contributing as much to the wedding, and also enough that they could purchase a house as soon as they wanted to.

We had paid our house off years ago and were not planning on moving any time soon, so when we started looking into mortgage loan opportunities, my husband and I were surprised by how much had changed since we had purchased our own home so long ago. With certain types of loans, a bare minimum down payment was required. For example, VA loans in Colorado required no down payment at all! However, neither of them were Veterans so they would not qualify for those loans. They both had good credit, so I thought it was likely they could qualify for a mortgage with an FHA loan, which required three and a half percent down payment. Most options were a far cry from the twenty percent we had to put down on our home when we bought it, but it also was nowhere near the price of homes these days.

I realized a few things. Depending on the type of mortgage they ended up with, the amount I could save for them would provide a lot of options. They could buy a bigger, nicer home with a smaller down payment in the neighborhood they were currently renting in. Or they could also purchase something smaller and more affordable, and put more money into it up front. I liked that the variety of home loans available would afford them some flexibility with the money I would be able to save for them. I would not have to strain my budget to save up for an amount that they might not need.

My husband and I spent the next year putting away as much as we could for them, and were so thrilled to give it to them as a wedding gift. Last month, they finally closed on the house they wanted, using our down payment!

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Remove unwanted hair and scars with laser hair removal

Everyone has something they dislike about their body, let’s face it. It is not that everyone is not unique and beautiful, but there are some things that we all wish we could alter. Perhaps it is a scar from an accident, or a birthmark that just leaves you feeling self conscious all the time. For many people, that thing is hair. It is not that we do not love ourselves and our hair, it is simply problematic sometimes. This can be especially true if you have unwanted hair on your face. For women, this can be especially unsightly. After all, most of us who identify our gender as female would prefer to have clean and clear faces! The good news is that laser hair removal  can do the trick. It is not an arduous, pain ridden task, but rather a simply and easy process that allows you to feel like you are back in control of your body! And that is a wonderful and empowering feeling. Imagine walking outside or going on a first date, not afraid that they will notice that pesky hair on your upper lip that you just cannot seem to get rid of. Or the bumps on your underarms because (altogether now) shaving your armpits hurts! The best way to solve these first world woes is by hopping on over to your local laser hair removal specialist. Check out Rocky Mountain Laser Aesthetics if you happen to be in the greater Denver metro area! services available for those who wish to avail themselves of that unwanted hair are easy to get. There are a few types of lasers that do this kind of treatment. Cynosure lasers are great when attacking large areas of hair, especially if those areas are not on your face. These lasers take four to six visits to complete their treatment and are not available to those with blonde hair. However, the Apogee Elite Laser is a great way to solve this problem. The Apogee uses light energy to attack the hair follicle directly, leaving the skin alone. This makes it a great treatment for sensitive areas, such as the upper lip. Plus, it works on all skin and hair types, so you do not have to worry about being rejected from the treatment due to having a tan or being blonde. Exfoliation naturally occurs within a week to two weeks, so you do not have to wait long after the treatment to see the results come true. Just imagine, never having to shave your armpits again! It is also a very gentle laser, so if you are worried about a laser hurting your skin, you will not have to fear anymore. The Apogee Elite Laser is an excellent laser hair removal option for those with sensitive skin.

Finally, if laser removal is not your jam, there are other options as well! Vaniqua is a prescription cream that is a clinical treatment approved by the FDA to reduce the growth of facial hair that is unwanted!

AAA Concrete Raising Was The Best In The Business

Hey, none of us know it all and sometimes we need to put our heads together in order to find the right solution to any given problem. Sometimes we’re only one person away from getting the answer we need and other times, we need to get our hands dirty and do some research. It doesn’t really matter how we find the answer, as long as the answer we find is the correct one, and we resolve whatever it is we’re dealing with. If you’ve ever owned a house or are the person responsible for it’s repairs and upkeep, it’s easy to understand that a lot of different problems can and do arise. In any given situation, there’s typically an expert somewhere that knows exactly what to do, but on the flip side of that equation, there are people who are anything but experts and have no clue what they’re doing.

Now, anytime we’re talking about a house or a commercial property, repairs of any kind can be costly and lead to some bad headaches down the road if they’re not dealt with properly in the beginning. My dad always told me that a job wasn’t worth doing if you weren’t going to do it right, and I take that particular sentiment to heart, especially when it comes to home repair. Maintaining a home isn’t easy and it can be a lot more expensive than you ever imagined, so if you’ve got to spend the money to get something fixed, you better choose the right company to fix it. That is unless you like dealing with loose ends and the confrontation that usually comes along with it.

Many homes, no matter where and when they were built, end up needed concrete work done, because the foundation has slipped over the course of time. When this happens, a process called mudjackingmudjacking is required to solve the problem. Whatever company you hire will normally come out and assess the situation and then be able to provide you with an estimate pretty quickly. Concrete raising is a highly nuanced business where experience is as important as it is in any other industry. They take a drill and bore holes through the slab of concrete that needs to be raised up and back into position. After that, they take a mixture called sandy loam soil and then begin pumping it into the ground below the slab through the holes they drilled. Often, during this process, the thickness of the mixture has to be changed in order to properly raise the slab into place so it settles just right. Generally speaking, concrete raising companies use the same kind of technology to accomplish the same thing, but there’s one called AAA concrete raising that has the biggest rig in town, a specialized pump and they use a backhoe instead of shovels. If you care about getting the job done right the first time, I’m sure that you and my father would agree, AAA gets the job done right, no matter what.

The Benefits of Converting to Solar Energy with Golden Solar

 For a number of years, many people have known that solar energy is a reliable source of power, but few were to adopt it, as they were wary about the progression of the technology.  Even so many years ago, people were reluctant to bring solar energy to their homes and businesses because they were largely unfamiliar with how it would all play out.  Thankfully, Golden Solar has come to the forefront of solar energy, as they have brought reliable solar energy to your homes and business in a clear, easy to understand way.

First, it is of great importance to discuss the credibility of Golden Solar as a company.  All of their employees are trained and officially certified as electrical contractors in the state, so you know that you are in good hands of professional technicians.  In addition to being state certified electrical contractors, they are also officially certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, which further increases their viability as a resourceful group.

I will admit, I was at first hesitant to call Golden Solar, as I wasn’t sure how the process would start, or how much everything would cost.  I was more than relieved when I spoke to a customer service representative on the phone.  They were extremely friendly and helpful, and were more than willing to answer all of the questions I had.  Not only did they offer me a free consultation, but they were prompt in scheduling the meeting at my home.  They were super friendly in person as well, which eased my worries.

All members of Golden Solar are not only nationally trained, but they do all of the work from the initial design stages to the final installation.  That is how you can tell people are passionate about their work!  Once I was given my estimate, I was amazed as to how fast the contractors at Golden Solar installed the entire solar panel system.  My roofing is a bit complicated, as it has lots of slants and slopes of varying degrees.  It even has a small flat roofing section over the garage, but the members of Golden Solar were more than able to install on all angles and surfaces of my roof.  In the end, my house looked almost futuristic, but still had the original elegance and style it had when I first bought it.  There is a lot to be said for entirely changing the power supply of a house while still retaining its original look.

Once the installation was complete, the Golden Solar team let me know about their warranty policies.  In addition to an unprecedented 10 years warranty on labor and installation, they also promised an entire year of their signature maintenance plan, which ensures that all of the panels and systems are fully functional and operational.  And this comes free for the entire year!  Needless to say, I am immensely pleased with my overall experience with Golden Solar, and I would completely suggest their services to all of those who are wanting to save some money.  Each time I look at my electric bill, I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing I’m saving so much money through Golden Solar.

Golden Solar

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Golden, CO

(303) 955-6332

The new web design for our restaurant is amazing!

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Upon opening my restaurant I was warned that over 90% of all small businesses fail within the first year. Of course this would be sobering news to anyone but when you are excited about starting a creative and business endeavor that you have always dreamt about these words tend to fall on deaf ears. Sure, maybe 90% of small businesses fail but that won’t be me. I figured that the 10% of successful businesses was a large and ever-growing group and I was ready to be part of it. My menu was incredible and I offered a variety of food that wasn’t available in this town. I figured the location wasn’t ideal but with enough marketing I could draw people and have a crowd every night. The staff was to be small so as to keep my costs low and I had a large sum of capital ready in case of an emergency. I was determined not to be part of that 90%.

I quickly learned that owning and running a restaurant is a very difficult thing to do. Before I knew it I was spending almost all my time in the restaurant. Marketing was something I hadn’t really put much money towards and I knew that if something was going to change I needed to allocate more funds towards marketing my restaurant. However, putting up a billboard or placing an advertisement in the newspaper seemed like a very passive way to gain new customers. I needed something that was proactive and produced results and drove people to my store. To help in crafting an aggressive online marketing campaign I hired the restaurant marketing Gurus. This is a marketing company based out of Denver that can help you gain visibility and credibility in the online world. They can help you spread the word about your restaurant by producing breast around SEO articles as well as helping you design a web design for your restaurant. Since social media is one of the most common and popular ways to gain new ground they can also help you by branding your company over many social media sites. What the marketing Gurus really excel in is addressing each and everyone of your concerns and issues. They can use their analytics and reporting to see where you are vulnerable and where you are strong. They can also offer you pay per click advertising that is cured towards finding potential customers and driving them to your website. If you are afraid your website won’t be found you may want to take advantage of their restaurant SEO articles. These artfully crafted articles are written as per your request and designed to increase your online visibility. For instance if you own a breakfast restaurant you can have them write you many articles that will put you higher up on search engine results pages. These affordable plans are custom tailored to the specific needs of your company and everything is done in the hopes of driving new traffic to your site.
The old adage was that location is the most important factor in the ability of your company to do well.

Considering the question of window coverings

When we decided to open our restaurant, we put a lot of time and effort into thinking about the menu, the food style, the wine list, and the layout of the kitchen.  But when it came time to decorate the restaurant, we realized that it was a very important step, and so we hired a successful and very professional restaurant interior designer. The only part of the experience for the diner is going to be what they see around them and what they eat and drink. So the set up and the design of the restaurant is very important to them, and the design of the kitchen lay out is not at all important to them. It may help the food come out more quickly, but they don’t even realize that. So, the first step with the dining room designer was to start from the outside and work our way to the back of the house.  The first thing, aside from the parking lot and the sign, the diners are going to see is the windows. So the window coverings are going to be really important. This of course is something that had never even crossed our minds when we were designing the restaurant space and the menu, so it is a really good thing that we hired a decorator who specializes in restaurant spaces so that we can be sure that all of our bases are covered. It would never have worked out for us to do it on our own anyway, we would have totally messed it up.

window coveringsAccording to the decorator, the first thing that will draw in potential customers and diners is the window coverings, because they are going to be looking at the windows from the outside, there is nothing else to look at. So there are several different things we need to consider about the space and how it looks and feels. We have to make up our minds about if we want people from the outside to be able to see inside, if we want diners positioned in front of the windows or not, and if we want any signage on the windows. We can have sheers that cover the windows but let in light, or we can have valances across the top and have the window open for people to look into and out of while they are dining and approaching. These are questions that we never considered, but the direction we go is going to set a tone and a feel for the space, and so it matters what we choose to do. In the end, there needs to be some form of window coverings, but we still can’t decide what those will look like. I think we are going to just leave it up to the designer to take on for us, because she knows what is best when it comes to this anyway, and we really aren’t so sure about all of these decisions. We don’t want to make the wrong choice about window coverings.


Why should you chose 5280 Locksmith?

There are a multitude of locksmiths in the greater Denver, Colorado and Aurora, Colorado areas. Indeed, there are so many locksmiths ready to help you take care of your every lock and key need, that it can be difficult to chose the right one for your home and for your family. That is why it is important to keep a few things in mind when selecting a company to fix the locks on your home.

There are many reasons to change the locks on your house. For example, if you have experienced a home invasion, getting your locks changed is a very important step to take. You do not want to worry that the invader will return to rob you of your comfort, your privacy, and indeed your safety again. You want to be certain that you will not feel afraid for yourselves or for your family. Changing the locks is a very important step to take in ensuring that you will be able to feel safe and to feel at home in your home again. By calling a locksmith to change the locks on your home, you are not only ensuring your safety and the safety of the people and things that matter to you, but you are also securing your own peace of mind. You will not have to feel afraid again if you have a locksmith by your side to change your locks. There are also less dramatic reasons to have your locks changed. Losing your keys can be a hassle enough, and changing your locks may feel like a struggle as well. However, your peace of mind and safety are much more important than having to fear that someone will find the keys and locate your home. Perhaps your old locks are just worn out and you need to get them replaced. Maybe you want to make sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible. Regardless of the reason, making sure that you select a locksmith that you can trust is a must.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you decide to select a locksmith. First, select a lakewood locksmith you can trust. Look for local locksmiths and family owned operations that have been in business for a long time. The more community based a company is, the better the chance that you will be served in the most effective way possible, and you will not have to fear that you have put your family’s safety and security into untrustworthy hands. After all, you are asking this person into your home to change your locks. You want to know that you can trust them. That is why, out of all the locksmiths in the Aurora, Colorado area, choosing 5280 Locksmith is the best choice you can make. Their service is tried and true, as a family owned and locally based company. They also are effective and efficient, and work hard to ensure your security above all else. Do not hesitate, call them any time of the day or night to help you with your lock needs!